Gratitude Dude- Lead from your Heart!

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This listing includes 12 (2") decals with 12 matching inspirational notes. Tiny card reads: Life is precious, miraculous, and fleeting~appreciate it! Be grateful. Love now. Smile freely. Listen actively. Share. Invite your inner child out to play! Encourage others. Spread your unique sunshine. Be courageous. Hug more. Complain less. Free your inner Superhero! Give thanks. Make someone’s day. Be humble. Celebrate! Show compassion. Spread lovingkindness. Express yourself. Have patience. Hug more! Speak up. Get the giggles. Unplug. Sleep in. Look up at the sky. Ride a bike. Savor the moment. Embrace your quirks. Hold the door for strangers. Treat yourself! Surprise someone. Send a love note. Challenge yourself. Be enthusiastic!Look for the good in everyone. Leave a legacy. Enjoy your one and only EXTRAORDINARY life. Spread the word~ You ROCK!
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